The hinged design of the StartSeal® series of RF Gel Seal Enclosures make each gel seal enclosure re-usable, along with our unique slide and lock mechanism enabling the technician to fit or remove the enclosures without tools making this concept time saving, cost-effective and extremely installer-friendly.

StartSeal® Gel seal enclosures are designed to effectively protect RF connections on both antennas and RRU (Remote Radio Units). Included in the range we have catered for jumper to feeder cables, in-line connection as well as Gel Seals for ground feeding changeovers.

The specially designed Gel seal compound along with the high quality housing of the StartSeal® Gel Seal allow these units to deliver effective and reliable protection over a wide temperature range. Our seals will withstand temperatures from -40o to >70o C.

Features include a wraparound design allowing for fitting on existing and new installations without the need to remove loosen nor disconnect the RF connection.

The StartSeal® Gel Seal provides an effective barrier against the ingress of moisture and any other contaminants and has a certified IP 68 rating (IEC 60529).


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